Professor Baba

Chef, restaurant owner, pilot, capoeirista – Reza Baba Massah wears many hats. His favourite though, is husband and father. The youngest 47-year-old in the country, he started learning capoeira in Israel under Mestre Cueca 20 years ago.

In 2005 he left Israel and returned to start Cordao De Ouro, India’s first capoeira group. Starting with one chair as his first student, he has now grown capoeira in India to centres across Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur, apart from school programs in ten international schools. He is single-handedly responsible for putting capoeira on the map of India.

Baba eats, lives, drinks, breathes capoeira. And he personifies passion. He approaches every situation and meets every person with the same infectious energy that he demonstrates in the capoeira roda.

Blessed with the most generous and giving spirit, Baba’s doors are never closed for anyone at any time. And his barbecues are the stuff of legend. The only thing Baba is incapable of is sitting still for more than five minutes. Which is why he is an airline pilot, and not a passenger.