Minitora Pimenta

Meet Karen D'Costa. Minitora Pimenta, as we know her. A woman of many talents. Footballer, hair stylist, doodle artist, illustrator, zentangle artist, clothes horse, dog lover. And a capoeirista who doesn’t know the meaning of giving up.

Yet another St. Xaviers graduate in our family, Pimenta has also represented Maharashtra and Mumbai University in football before capoeira came calling. And dance is not just passion for her. Dance is in her very blood. Pimenta is the kind of dancer for whom the term "born from a boombox" was invented. Even at our classes, if there is a samba performance happening anywhere, you can be sure Pimenta will be right in the middle there.

Pimenta has been training with us for over 5 years now and believes that everyone she meets teaches her something new and inspires her. Her motto in life is to live and let live and she believes what goes around, comes around.

Her favourite capoeira songs are A Bananera Caiu and Tem Que Tem Axé and Mula Sem Cabeça. What she loves best about capoeira is the joy of giving and teaching others that the essence of life is not in putting others down but lifting their spirits to grow. She believes through capoeira, we can inspire people to connect with their inner child and learn to experience the joy of being open with the world and enjoying the smallest things in life.