Monitor Cavalo

Meet Moses Bothello. Or Cavalo, as we prefer. Monitor Cavalo. Named Cavalo, meaning horse in Portuguese, for his equine jaw and his equine grace and his equine strength by Professor Baba. Cavalo actually got his apelido within a week of joining class.

Cavalo is a computer science graduate who loves coding and football and cricket. He was even in the Maharashtra under-17 state cricket team. And he loves dancing, which even a cursory glance at his Instagram will tell you.

But his passion is obviously capoeira. A passion he has been nurturing for 8 years now. His capoeira idols are Mestre Ivan and Mestra Gaiola because they are big and strong and so damn good at capoeira, people are sometimes scared to enter the roda with them.

Cavalo's mission is to make capoeira reach every home because it is an amazing art and has many advantages that could help you to face unexpected situations. His favourite capoeira songs are Mestre Suassuna's Piste 7, Ave ave ave, ole le le le le o (especially when Baba sings) and A tradiçao, which is his favourite ladainha.

Cavalo feels capoeira has a unique energy and it feels amazing to hear when everybody is singing and clapping together. In his opinion, capoeira also brings families together because parents join after watching their kids have a great time. In his own words, "Baba always says once you inject yourself with capoeira energy, it is very difficult to leave and once you join you are a part of this big family."