Avinash Pawar, as Mangusto used to be known earlier, is a fitness expert and certified physical instructor who fell in love with capoeira while racking weights and pumping iron three years ago.

He likes playing sport, loves music and dancing, and is a big fan of adventure sport. His motto is to stay fit and make others fit and healthy.

His capoeira idols are Professor Baba for his energy and teaching techniques and positive vibes, Monitor Choco, for his teaching skills, fitness levels and floor movements, and Instrutor Capitão for his knowledge of capoeira songs, his acrobatic abilities and his energy.

His favourite songs are A Hora É Essa, Nega Nega Nega Iaia, Meu Berimbau and Cordão de Ouro, Jogar Pra Valer. He loves capoeira for the positive energy and strength he gets from capoeira and for the friendships capoeira allows him. Playing in the roda for him is a return to the fearless, fun-filled days of his childhood.