Lobinha, also known as Priyesha Nair, is one of the first ever interns with Centre For Capoeira India. Named Lobinha, meaning wolf, for her tenacious nature and her absolute dedication to the pursuit of knowledge.

Lobinha is a photographer, an illustrator and a poet when she is not a capoeirista. Which is not ever. Not in the past 3 years since she started training capoeira. She likes to know everything about everything and loves to read, write and create. Her to-go motto, what she lives by, is to dive deep. Always. No surface business for her.

Her favourite capoeira songs are Corta Cana, Maior E Deus and Avisa Meu Mano but she is a veritable treasure-house of capoeira songs. You will often find her leading song choices in the bateria.

For her, capoeira fills a void. She believes capoeira nourishes you and makes you stronger in all the ways that you should be. Capoeira is nourishment for the body and the soul. For her, capoeira is not just another activity, it is community. And family. And that is what she derives the greatest pleasure from.