Graduado Queda de Rins

Nitin Sharma, a 31-year-old engineer by profession who morphed into Graduado Queda de Rins, a capoeirista in heart, mind, body, and soul. Nitin has been an ardent fan of capoeira since 2004 but one day he just drove down to Mumbai from Jaipur, having decided to become a capoeira teacher.

He is a big fan of UFC, football and adventure sport and believes the greatest pleasure in life comes from doing what people say you cannot do. He set up our Jaipur centre in 2016 and now runs classes there thrice a week.

His idols are Instrutor Capitão, CM Mascara, CM Maculelê, Mestre Sargento, Jack Ma, and his dad. His favourite capoeira songs are Voce Disse Um Dia, Vem Jogar Mais Eu and O De Casa O De Fora.