Meet Espelho, or Raj Bondse if you prefer that. We know he doesn't. Espelho is Portuguese for mirror and he was named so for how well he used to mirror his teacher, Monitor Choco. And that has stood him in good stead as you will know when you see him play in the roda where he moves like a warm knife through butter.

A certified yoga instructor who loves travelling and just, you know, hanging with friends, Espelho has been learning capoeira for a year and a half and grabbed the internship opportunity when it came his way.

His idols in capoeira are Professor Baba, Professor Xuxa and Mestre Papa-Leguas. His motto is to bring to fruition Professor Baba's mission of a capoeirista in every home in India.

His favorite capoeira songs are Casa de Palha, Angola Que Tem Dende and De Madeira Boa. His favourite thing about capoeira stems from what Professor Baba told him. "The Roda is the story you write about your life and everything about you."

For him, capoeira is not just a martial art but a culture which has helped him become a better person, more calm, focused, energetic, confident and, yes, Happy. He only has happy memories with capoeira and believes capoeira is a family that always encourages you and pushes you to exceed your limits.