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About us

Centre For Capoeira India is India’s first capoeira academy. Founded by Professor Reza “Baba” Massah in 2005, we run centres in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur. We also run in-school programs at 8 international schools across Mumbai. We are part of the Cordão de Ouro family, the world’s largest association of capoeira schools.

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Capoeira is for men, women, & children of all ages

Capoeira keeps you fit and teaches you how to defend yourself. It gives you confidence and imparts leadership skills. It teaches you a new language and gives you a platform to explore your creativity. It is gender neutral, inclusive, and all kinds of amazing fun.

Meet our teachers: 

Capoeira India Teacher Professor Baba
Professor Baba
Reza Massah
Capoeira Teacher Instrutor Cabeca
Instrutor Cabeça
Parikshit Sadh
Capoeira India Teacher Monitor Choco
Monitor Choco
Moshe Massah
Capoeira India Teacher Minitor Cavalo
Monitor Cavalo
Moses Bothello
Monitora Pimenta
Karen D'Costa
Capoeira India Teacher Minitor Carneiro
Monitor Carneiro
Noel Almeida
Minitor Shiva
Vikas Sagar

Find your centre

We run centres for adults and kids in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Jaipur. Find the centre closest to you and hop in for a trial class. You will not want to leave.

Mumbai - Khar West
Trainer: Professor Baba

Days: Tuesdays + Fridays

Adults & Children

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Mumbai - Prabhadevi
Trainer: Instrutor Cabeça

Days: Mondays + Wednesdays

Adults & Children

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Mumbai - Oshiwara
Trainer: Instrutor Capitão

Days: Mondays + Wednesdays

Adults & Children

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Mumbai - Girgaum
Trainer: Minitor Carneiro

Days: Thursdays + Saturdays

Adults & Children

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Mumbai - Andheri East
Trainer: Minitor Cavalo

Days: Mondays + Wednesdays

Children only

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Mumbai - Chandivali
Trainer: Monitor Cavalo

Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays

Adults & Children

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New Delhi
Trainer: Minitor Shiva

Days: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

Adults & Children

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Trainer: Graduado Queda de Rins

Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Adults only

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Trainer: Minitor Shiva

Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Adults only

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We are Capoeira in India

And we are committed to building a community of well-rounded, balanced, fit, strong, respectful and happy global citizens.


The annual Capoeira graduation, Batizado, marks the baptism of new students and the progression of the senior students to their next belt (Troca de Cordão). It is an opportunity for students to learn from visiting masters and be tested by them.


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P: +918652726738

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